Anne McKevitt has been highlighted as among the world's most admired and powerful business leaders by many publications including Time Magazine, Forbes, The Times and the New York Times. As a high-profile business leader, Anne McKevitt has led the way in many business fields over three decades, including retail, publishing, TV and property—all with enormous success.

Furthermore she mentors and guides exceptional individuals many of whom are Oscar winning Hollywood A-listers, Grammy winning musicians, elite sports personalities and best selling authors seeking to grow brands around their identities. She has also assisted corporations in growing their organizations including Mercedes, Ikea, Royal Doulton, Peugeot, Ernst & Young, Wal*Mart, Deloitte, Waterford Crystal, Jeep, Bloomingdales, Saks, Pottery Barn, Moet e Chandon, Freeman's, Sainsbury's, Debenhams, Wedgwood, Marks & Spencer, Commonwealth Bank, Optus, Toyota and Hewlett Packard. As well as her business ventures Anne has used her entrepreneurial skills with great effect to enhance her philanthropy interests.

Tactical Business Consulting

Anne McKevitt has extensive experience as a one-on-one tactical brand building mentor to a small select group of results driven artistic individuals and business leaders. She supports, guides and assists them to enhance their existing endeavours or to build new businesses around their identities.